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A web ring is a collection of sites which have similar content or related interests. A web ring makes it easier, for interested surfers to find related sites. It also means more traffic to your site and at the same time increases public awareness of your page topics, in our case Sighthounds.
  If you wish to join the Whippet Show Webring your site must contain information about Whippets. This might include Kennel information, breed standards and pedigrees, new litters, "this is my pet" pages, lure coursing, confirmation and obedience, as well as history etc.

Breeds eligible for inclusion in the ring are only Whippet . Groups and organizations of Whippets are heartily welcomed as well. Your site will not be accepted if you sell general pet products .

Ringmaster :

Sandline Whippet



How to Join the Whippet Show Webring



Step 1:

Please follow this link to SUBMIT YOUR SITE to the "Whippet Show WebRing ".

Step 2 :

You should receive an E-mail confirmation within a day. Attention !!! You will receive with this E-mail the banner of  " The Whippet show webring" . To copy  and to past it on your home page.


Step 3 :

Send an EMAIL TO RINGMASTER  when the banner is visible on your site and you will be accepted in the webring.


Your site will be placed in the list of the Whippet Show Webring when the setting will be below visible on your site.



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